About DiVibe

Hi Everyone, welcome to DiVibe. My name is Diane.

Having been involved in the fitness and dance world for some time, I started to realise how simply incorporating a chair into exercise could mean that more people could get involved.
With a background in Psychology, I understand how keeping the body moving and listening to our favourite songs can have wonderful effects on not only our physical, but also our mental health. Dance is fun!
DiVibe embodies what I am so passionate about; coming together as a community to move our bodies with a smile on our face and a beat in our heart.

The DiVibe vision is simple. Move your body. Listen to great music. Have fun. All whilst sitting on a chair. Community classes always end with us socialising over tea and biscuits!

DiVibe also runs sessions in Care and Residential Homes across East and West Sussex.
I have also given lectures in Universities such as University of the West of England for their Sport Rehabilitation BSc course.
DiVibe has also raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes such as Alzheimer's Research UK, from their charity events.

DiVibe is about community. From the online and face to face classes to the charity events and corporate world, DiVibe helps us to come together.