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Maurice, Brighton

Hello all the chair dancers. I do Diane’s DiVibe class probably twice a week. I first joined it about four months ago when I had replacement hips. I needed to build up the muscles in my legs, as I did not do any exercise for a long time pre hip surgery. The classes are fun, I like all the songs, and I find I remember most of them fairly well. I would recommend this fun class to anyone.

Since 'Lockdown', I have wanted to keep up with my exercise classes (being of a certain age!), so Diane, sent me her link for her DiVibe 'Chair Dance Class'. It is a remarkable keep fit routine for forty minutes of 'sing-a- long' fun music! Everybody should have a go! It will keep you fit without being too strenuous! You won't be disappointed!

Sylvia Adams, Liverpool

This is me having just finished Diane's Golden Chair Class at DiVibe. I always do it standing up but most people do sit. Diane is so inspirational with her teaching and I love all the music she  plays. All her moves are easy to follow and by the time the class is finished you have exercised every part of the body. I end up feeling so energised after every session and much happier. Diane is such a lovely teacher both for the body and the mind. I highly recommend her.

Ann, Brighton

How I would have survived without Diane's DiVibe chair classes
during lock down I don't know. My husband was very ill in hospital with no visiting, no friends to pop in but we had Diane and her lovely smiling  to look forward to three times a week.  She saved my sanity and probably many other people as well. Thank you Diane!  Please don't stop xx

Beryl, Brighton

I had been suffering pain in my hip for some time. I could cycle and swim but standing and walking were difficult and painful. Angie suggested I come with her to a Diane class for Chair exercises. I was the only man there and in my seventies but I was made to feel very welcome and encouraged to only do what I could. When Lockdown arrived Diane started doing the classes on Zoom. It has been a real saviour in many ways. We do three classes of chair a week. It has helped against the lockdown bulge and meant that I see people which when one is living on one's own is good. Thanks, Diane and fellows don't be shy. It is fun and helpful.

James, Shoreham

I have been doing DiVibe chair workouts on a regular basis since lockdown and I can’t begin to tell you how uplifting they are. Apart from the pain free exercise, the music and the movements are so energising that it keeps my spirits up in these difficult times.

Diane, your enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious and I’m very grateful I found you.

Judy, Brighton

I am a disabled lady in my 50's. I absolutely love my chair DiVibe class with Diane. The classes are the highlight of my week and I don't know where I'd be without them. The songs are fabulous as is the always smiling Diane. I really cant thank you enough.

Sandra, Southwick

Diane’s DiVibe online Chair classes were my saviour throughout lockdown and now they’re an all important part of my weekly routine. She makes the classes great fun, with fabulously uplifting music.  They lift your mood and your heart rate, whatever is going on in the outside world.  It’s so easy to join in and catch up with friends, without stepping outside your front door.

Jacqui, Hove

We loved Diane’s DiVibe’s chair Classes before Covid 19, but during lockdown they became our lifeline. The movements and the music were just great to keep our spirit up during these very strange times. To see Diane smiling and encouraging us to do the same is a joy. We would thoroughly recommend her Chair Classes.

Laurel and Julian, Hove

During lockdown my usual gym closed and I was really missing exercising with others and missing the motivation of a teacher. But then I joined Diane's fantastic DiVibe online chair classes, from the very first class I felt a part of something special. Diane is so welcoming and chatty really getting to know us all and checking that we are ok. The music is fantastic and I can sing along as loud as I like at home as no one else can hear via Zoom! Diane is smiling and full of energy in every class and her personality shines through. Diane's classes are a brilliant way to exercise, have fun and get fit without having to leave home. Thanks for making lockdown fun and motivating.

Lesley, Hove

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